Welcome to Upper Canada Discus, the Canadian representative of Wayne Ng discus from China, Jeffrey Yang discus from Malaysia and Hudson Crezanto wild caught discus from Brazil.

As you can see from the pictures of my hatchery, it is designed to provide all of the requirements necessary for the keeping and breeding of strong and healthy discus.

For information concerning the discus we carry, or any discus related questions please contact me by email at logsdogs@hotmail.ca, by phone at 705-728-1552 or fill out the form to your right.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Bob Garside
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This is a piece of tree root found just 500 meters (1500 feet) from the fish House.

My neighbor told me that back in 1838 this area was devastated by a forest fire which left much of the forest as burnt stumps. Later, in 1870 his grandfather bought the land and used a team of oxen to pull these stump out of the ground to make way for farming. Some of the stumps were positioned on their sides so that the extended roots would serve as a fence for cattle. This piece here I cut from one of these stumps, it is 2 meters (6 feet) long and one meter (3 feet) high. It has been extended into the air, exposed to all manner of the elements for 143 years.

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